Your Estate Planning made easy

If you are interested in estate planning, we can help. Contact us  to schedule a free consultation to discuss your particular needs. We see clients by appointment only, Monday through Friday, and offer evening and Saturday meetings on a limited basis.

A quick and easy consultation

Contact us by phone for a free 15-20 minute conversation and to check availability for an Estate Planning Session. Be assured that there is no obligation to hire us during your call or appointment. The purpose of this call is to discuss your goals, answer questions, and provide more information about our services.
Click the button below or contact our office at 323-405-7017 to schedule a consultation.

Fill out the Worksheet

After scheduling your Estate Planning Session, we’ll send you a packet containing your Estate Planning Worksheet and additional information about our services. This worksheet is a helpful questionnaire designed to organize the important family and financial information needed to customize your estate plan. Don’t worry, this information will remain confidential. By completing the “homework” in advance, we will make the most efficient use of our time during the planning session. We kindly ask that you complete and return the Worksheet to us at least three days before your scheduled planning session.

Attend Your Estate Planning Session

During your two-hour Session, we will explore “what may happen” to those you love and the things that you own, if anything were to happen to you under your current plan. For some, there may not be a plan in place at all. In that case, we can identify and discuss what can or should be addressed to get your affairs in order according to your wishes. For those with a comprehensive plan already in place, you will leave with the peace of knowing that additional planning is not necessary until your family dynamics, financial circumstances, or assets have changed.
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