Planning for Families with Minor Children

Estate Planning for Parents in Los Angeles, CA

Much too often, parents with young or minor children in the home neglect or postpone planning for life’s unexpected circumstances. We get it, you are busy providing and finding ways to enhance the quality of life and the experiences of your children. After all, parents of young children may also be young themselves, and expecting many years of health and prosperity. The topic of estate planning compels us to consider the inevitable end and the unpopular reality of our eventual death. With that in mind, we’ve listed the most common questions and issues impacting families with minor children. Here are just a few that we’ve encountered and addressed:
  • What happens if we get divorced?
  • What happens to my kids if I die and my spouse remarries?
  • Who will provide and take care of our children in the event that something happens to one or both of us?
  • How do we name legal guardians for our children and who should we name?
  • Will the court be involved and how lengthy is that process?
  • How will the court know who is most suitable to raise my children?
We believe, at bare minimum, every couple, or single parent, with minor children should have a will naming legal guardians. Legacy One Law Firm is ready to help you choose the right guardian for your children while designing a plan that will help ensure their care in your absence.
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