Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Perhaps you’re considering preparing a will, or exploring the option of establishing a trust as a means of passing on or protecting your assets. Read more →

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

Many have heard that estate planning is for the wealthy and has very little value to “everyday people” or the “average” income earning family. Read more →

Planning for Families with Minor Children

Estate Planning for Parents in Los Angeles, CA

Much too often, parents with young or minor children in the home neglect or postpone planning for life’s unexpected circumstances. Read more →

Planning for Entertainment Professionals

Estate Planning for Entertainment Professionals in Los Angeles, CA

Have you or someone you love acquired intellectual property (IP) rights? If you’re an artist, composer, author or inventor, then copyrights, trademarks, and patents may comprise a large portion of your estate. Read more →

Trust Administration

Trust Administration Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

The loss of a family member can be an emotionally and financially challenging event with a number of important affairs to address in the aftermath. We extend our deepest condolences. Read more →

Entertainment Law

Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

Entertainers, content creators, and producers seek the legal advice and counsel of Legacy One Law Firm to protect their projects and increase profitability domestically and abroad. Read more →

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

You take pride in your work, and we take pride in its protection. In today’s global marketplace, technology and access to content has increased the need protect the ideas and creative works attributable to your brand… Read more →